Primary logo

Our logo is the foundation of our visual identity system. Though it stands on its own,  the details help to tell our story and engage our audiences. 


Full Color Primary Logo

The full color logo is our default logo and should be used unless recommended otherwise.

JPG (web) | PNG (web, transparent background) | EPS (print)

CJP_Primary Logo_Single Color

Single Color Primary Logo

For one color printing, embroidery, or embossing, use the one color (black) version of the logo.

JPG (web) | PNG (web, transparent background) | EPS (print)

Knocked out logo

Against a dark background or photograph, use the knocked out logo.

CJP_Primary Logo_KO

Version A Knocked Out

 Version A is our default knocked out logo.

PNG (web, transparent background) | EPS (print)


Version B Knocked Out

Use Version B only in instances where accessibility is not compromised, and where the color palette will not exceed 3 colors.

PNG (web, transparent background) | EPS (print)


Primary colors

Vibrant. Hopeful. Diverse.
Our primary palette was created to feel bright  and lively. Spanning a range of colors, it reflects the diverse individuals and partners who,  together, form the CJP community.


Coated PMS 2593 C

Uncoated PMS 527 U

RGB 128 52 159

CMYK 54 87 0 0

HEX 80349F


Coated PMS 2011 C

Uncoated PMS 130 U

RGB 255 153 10

CMYK 0 43 88 0



Coated PMS 2011 C (10% tint)

Uncoated PMS 130 U (10% tint)

RGB 253 245 232

CMYK 0 2 5 0



Coated PMS 7452 C

Uncoated PMS 7452 U

RGB 146 145 255

CMYK 42 21 0 0

HEX 9291FF


Coated PMS 2171 C

Uncoated PMS 2925 U

RGB 52 144 232

CMYK 88 20 0 0

HEX 3490E8


Coated PMS 2301 C

Uncoated PMS 390 U

RGB 114 155 35

CMYK 31 1 100 10

HEX 729B23

Secondary colors

Mature. Rich. Smart. 
A collection of strong, rich colors, our secondary palette was created to contrast with the energy and vibrancy of our primary colors. Though darker and more mature, the palette still features the same warmth and range. 


Coated PMS 3506 C

Uncoated PMS 2175 U

RGB 29 99 174  

CMYK 92 59 0 0



Coated PMS 7477 C

Uncoated PMS 3165 U

RGB 0 68 69  

CMYK 100 19 27 44

HEX 004544


Coated PMS 7625 C

Uncoated PMS 2349 U

RGB 223 86 36

CMYK 0 81 77 3  

HEX DF5624


Coated PMS 7672 C 

Uncoated PMS Medium Purple U

RGB 69 41 128 

CMYK 90 100 0 0   

HEX 452980

Tertiary colors


Our tertiary color palette includes a range of neutrals that are intended for more functional use, such as body text.


Coated PMS 2336 C

Uncoated PMS 440 U

RGB 66 66 56

CMYK 56 50 34 49

HEX 424238


Coated PMS 408 C

Uncoated PMS 408 U

RGB 132 129 120

CMYK 31 30 19 9

HEX 848178

Type: for Adobe programs (InDesign, Photoshop, etc.)

Type hierarchy

Our typographic system is based on two typefaces: Recoleta and Soleil.


Headline 1

Recoleta Bold (sentence case) 
Size to 60% larger than the body content


Headline 2

Recoleta Medium (sentence case)
Size to 30% larger than the body content



Soleil Extrabold SC all caps 
Size to 15% larger than the body content 



Soleil Regular (sentence case)

Type: for Office programs (Word, PowerPoint, etc.)

Type hierarchy 

Our Office typographic system is based on two typefaces: Palatino Linotype and Calibri. 


Headline 1

Palatino linotype Bold (sentence case) 
Size to 60% larger than the body content


Headline 2

Palatino Linotype Bold (sentence case)
Size to 30% larger than the body content



Calibri Bold all caps 
Size to 15% larger than the body content 



Calibri Regular (sentence case)



Portraiture I 

Hopeful & Proud   

  • Warm, natural lighting
  • Vibrant colors 
  • Expressions that convey empowerment and joy
  • Photos can be candid or posed; posed photos should not feel overly staged or inauthentic —  subjects can look at the camera or away from it  
  • Individuals should be shot from the chest up, occupying at least 70% of the frame  
  • If possible, pieces of individuality (clothing, gesture, accessory) should be emphasized 

Portraiture II

Vibrant & energetic   

  • An extension of our portraiture direction, with a two-color treatment applied 
  • Individuals should be shot from the chest up, occupying at least 50% of the frame  
  • Plain, neutral-colored backgrounds (individuals may be clipped out and placed on a neutral color)  
  • Recommended for use in social media assets, specific events, campaigns, for received headshots, or as a background for type  

How to create 

  • Bring photo into Photoshop; convert to black and white 
  • Add a gradient map adjustment layer; convert the colors within the gradient map to our brand colors (use contrasting colors for the best result) 
  • Adjust the levels, brightness, and contrast as needed 


Immersive & Personal

Lifestyle photos can show everyday interactions among friends and families, individuals engaging in Jewish culture, or our community in action.

  • Candid, natural — not staged or posed
  • Warm, natural lighting
  • Immersive and up-close; viewers should feel as though they are placed in the moment
  • Focus on moments of connection, discovery, and shared joy

Our shared history  

Thoughtful & reflective   

Historical photos depict the important figures, locations, monuments, and artifacts that are part of the fabric of our shared story and culture.

  • High-contrast, black and white treatment
  • Can be a black and white photograph or a black and white treatment applied to a photograph   

Jewish culture  

Celebratory & bright    

Cultural photos depict the religious and secular items that are important to our shared Jewish identity. Items are depicted within their context. 

  • Combination of macro and micro shots 
  • Warm, natural lighting with vibrant colors
  • Used when discussing our work in art and culture, education, and global travel  

Events and philanthropy   

Alive & joyful     

Event photos capture our community coming together at events both philanthropic and social. 

  • Warm, natural lighting with vibrant colors
  • Focus on moments of connection and discovery 
  • Photos can be candid or posed, but should feel natural and authentic 
  • Photography can also highlight the philanthropic activity itself (food donations, building materials, etc.)  

Approved images

Add life to your presentation or report. 


Coming soon!

In the meantime, reach out to Katherine for illustration needs.