Brand Position

A purposeful life, powered by our Jewish community. 

What is a brand position?
A brand position is a phrase that defines our specific claim in the market — the thing that makes us valuable and differentiates us from others.

Sound Bite

Our work turns individual acts of kindness into collective action that strengthens Jewish life and makes the world a better place for all.

What is a sound bite?
A sound bite is a short phrase or sentence that sums up what we're all about. It can be used as a lead in or on its own when brevity is a necessity.

Core Messaging

We help to build a purposeful, vital, and inclusive Jewish community. 

What is core messaging?
Our core messaging is a three-level shorthand that makes it easy to explain what we do, how we do it, and why it matters. The goal is to create opportunities for dialogue and extended engagement. 

What we do (elevator pitch) 

Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP) unites the Greater Boston Jewish community around a common purpose: to ignite positive change at home, in Israel, and across the globe. As a philanthropic organization driven by our Jewish values, learning, and culture, we build partnerships, develop resources, and put innovative philanthropy into practice. Our work turns on the idea that together, we can do more; individual acts of kindness become collective action that strengthens Jewish life and makes our world a better place for all. 

How we do it

Through the generosity of our donors and volunteers, we invest in programs that sustain Jewish life and learning, strengthen our community, and provide for people during times of need. By making strategic grants and thinking big with our partners, we empower hundreds of organizations and institutions to maximize their impact. And by doing it together, we help to build a purposeful, vital, and inclusive Jewish community.

Why it matters

As a community united by shared purpose, we can deliver positive change that impacts us today and for generations to come. We believe that together, we can do more: for our community, for our culture, and for the world. Together, we are creating a bridge between our shared past and a vibrant future. 

Voice & Tone

Purpose brings us together and gives reason to our choices. Our language is clear and thoughtful, providing insight without overexplaining.

Example of what to say
We're facing a mental health crisis, as isolation and lack of care put a strain on our community. That's why we're taking bold steps to find new, effective solutions to the problem.

Example of what not to say
We are compelled, by the lack of access to coordinated care and overwhelming isolation, to take an ambitious new approach to meeting the mental health needs of our Jewish community.

We are a friendly and warm community. Our language is upbeat and familiar, avoiding unnecessary formality to make everyone feel welcome.

Example of what to say
We make smart investments that support the well-being of our whole community. And we partner with essential nonprofits to keep them healthy and growing.

Example of what not to say
We thoughtfully invest in the care and well-being of all community members and we provide stability and growth to nonprofit organizations and institutions that underpin our community.

We believe in the power of bringing people together. Our language is vital and spirited, celebrating the energy that unites us, while respecting our individuality and differences.

Example of what to say
Meet young adults and make new friends in Greater Boston. Here you will build community through lively social events, trips to Israel, and leadership workshops.

Example of what not to say
From social gatherings and Birthright Israel trips to fellowships and leadership workshops, we're connecting you to the young adults throughout Greater Boston.

We build on a foundation of Jewish values and tradition. Our language is authentic and relevant, making our heritage resonate in the present.

Example of what to say
Our grants make our community stronger and healthier. Inspired by our Jewish values, we invest where it counts to create a better future.

Example of what not to say
With our grants we seek to strengthen the health and breadth of our community and invest in key priority areas that will shape our future.

We believe in the power of innovation. Our language is open and confident, engaging with new ideas and approaches.

Example of what to say
The CIG funds innovate by engaging the community and supporting programs that truly address our changing needs.

Example of what not to say
The CIG funds were developed to maximize our awareness and response to the changing needs of our community.

What is voice and tone? Our voice and tone are the means by which our messaging becomes a brand experience. They shape what our language feels like to our audiences and help us set expectations, build relationships, and create continuity.