CJP develops capacity-building resources and services to increase our individual and collective organizational health. For an individual organization, health and capacity are critical for long-term sustainability and increased communal impact. Organizational health and capacity determine what we can accomplish, both individually and together in partnership.

Organizational Health

CJP strives to build deep and authentic partnerships and to support a thriving communal ecosystem. To help achieve this, we focus on six primary areas of organizational health: Finance, Professional Leadership and Strategy, Development/Fundraising, Board Governance, Marketing, and Operations. 


Leveraging Expertise to Advance Partners (LEAP) Seminars and Synagogue LEAP Seminars

The Leveraging Expertise to Advance Partners Initiative (LEAP) and LEAP for Synagogues is a partnership between CJP professionals, volunteer leaders, and community organizations to strengthen collaboration and organizational capabilities across the Greater Boston Jewish community. We are accessing the best talent in our community and leveraging it to advance our communal vision and strengthen our organizations.


Jewish Non Profit Professionals Communities of Practice

CJP provides opportunities for professionals to gather (virtually) and discuss timely topics, share knowledge, seek advice, and build relationships with colleagues in related professional areas. 

We encourage you to invite your colleagues to join, and welcome your participation to help shape these groups, suggest discussion topics, and ask questions. 

If you have questions or want to offer input into the design of these or other convenings of Jewish nonprofit professionals, please contact Kimberlee Schumacher, VP of Partnerships & Services, at kimberlees@cjp.org. 


For additional support, including for formal collaborations, or to share feedback so we can better understand our community’s needs, please contact Dara