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We invest in community 

Through strategic grant-making, CJP collaborates with people and partners dedicated to making a bigger difference. We thoughtfully and purposefully invest in a broad array of organizations, programs, and people within Greater Boston, in Israel, and around the world to create transformational impact. From first-time campers to organizations addressing global crises, our grantees are as varied and diverse as our community.

We believe that a strong community is one that’s ever evolving to meet the needs of the day and anticipating the challenges ahead. We employ grant-making as one critical tool for building and fortifying a vibrant Jewish future, and seek to incentivize and embolden those grantees that strive to meet the following ideals:  



Collaboration between multiple institutions working together toward shared outcomes   


Capacity and resilience 

Stability, responsiveness, and continually seeking improvement 


Innovation and adaptability 

Intrepid and entrepreneurial approaches and existing work that demonstrates agility 



Prioritizing people and future-forward ideas with the aim of a thriving and engaged Jewish community  

Using these guiding principles as our north star, our work and investments focus on three critical impact areas: 


Care for the most vulnerable

We are committed to ensuring that the most vulnerable in our community are financially, physically, and emotionally secure.


Broaden and deepen Jewish engagement

We invest in experiences, learning, opportunities, and programs that enable broader and deeper engagement with Jewish life, identity, and learning.


Build knowledge and connection with Israel and Global Jewry

We strengthen understanding of, connection with, and caring for the Jewish homeland of Israel and Jews around the world.

Grants available through application

For organizations

We provide grants to organizations to help meet evolving needs, unlock opportunities for growth, and empower them to make a bigger difference.

  • Community Impact Grants
    The Community Impact Grant (CIG) program is on pause through June 2025. We are working to review and reimagine the program and look forward to sharing more on our evolved approach. In the interim, we are committed to maintaining the spirit of the CIG, and are working over the summer to develop ways to maintain an open door entry point for projects and organizations that are new or new to CJP. Please reach out to Annie Knickman Plancher (anniekp@cjp.org) or your relationship manager with any questions or ideas as we continue to adapt this important grant program. 

  • Day School Enrollment Acceleration
    Designing opportunities to attract new prospective families and increase enrollment
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  • The Miriam Fund
    Expanding opportunities for women and girls to create an equitable world
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  • Communal Security Grants
    Enabling physical security infrastructure improvements and funds to contract a professional grant writer to assist with Federal and State security grant applications
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For individuals and groups of people

With the aim of building a more connected community and engaging the next generation in Jewish life, we provide a number of grants to individuals and groups in the following areas:

  • Arts and Culture
    Helping individuals and collaborative groups make their artistic visions a reality  
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  • Israel Teen Travel
    Providing teens with the opportunity to experience Israel’s spirit, innovation, people, history, and sites in person
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  • Jewish Overnight Camping
    Offering opportunities for kids to explore all that Jewish summer camp has to offer —from sports to arts to science — and helping families afford summers their kids will never forget
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  • Young Adult Israel Engagement
    Supporting projects and events that help young adults (ages 22–40) connect with Israel and its dynamic, creative, and diverse culture
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  • Young Adult Microfunding
    Empowering young adults to design and implement inspiring programs and events that connect others to Jewish life on their terms
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Grants available through invitation


Community Building*   

A central component of our grant-making is community building (unrestricted) support to grantees to provide flexibility in response to changing needs and opportunities across the community and to invest in the strength and resilience of the organization.  We provide this support in multi-year commitments where possible to allow grantees to plan for thelong-term sustainability of their organizations, programs, and services. We have a team dedicated to identifying and reaching out to selected organizations for these grant opportunities.
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Strategic Investment Priorities*

We identify multi-year strategic priorities that we believe are critical levers in working towards our communal vision.  While these priorities inevitably change over time, we seek to invest in these priorities for several years to build strong and trusting partnerships, achieve measurable change, and ensure sustained impact. These grants typically include very specific deliverables and measures of success. We have a team dedicated to identifying and reaching out to selected organizations for these grant opportunities.
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Our Current Strategic Investments Priorities are: 

Combatting Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism 

Convening partners and mobilizing our community while greatly enhancing our Communal Security Initiative and feelings of safety
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Mental Health Access 


Filling critical gaps in mental health service provision in Greater Boston’s Jewish community while reducing shame and stigma  
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Families with Young Children 

Transforming the experience of families with young children in our community through innovative programs, like Pomi, and significantly increasing engagement
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*These grants are by invitation only and can be up to $750,000, based on the size of the organization and strategic alignment with organizational priorities. The average grant size ranges between $50,000–$100,000.  These grants are generally provided to grantees that have been in operation for at least three years, although occasionally one-year grants are made to newly formed organizations that are highly aligned with a Strategic Investment Priority.

List of current grantees is available here.